My job as a Technology Evangelist at Apple was to work with third-party developers creating great software for Macs and iPhones. WWDC was a big responsibility, and WWDC 2009 was my last. The iOS platform (then still “iPhone OS”) was still in its infancy: the App Store was less than a year old; the 3GS had just been announced; and Apple would sell 5.2 million iPhones that quarter, a sliver of today’s quarterly numbers.

At the end of that week, you’re beyond exhausted. It’s the kind of tired where you just don’t know what’s happening anymore. The typical notions of crankiness are long gone.

On that Friday afternoon, the last day of my last WWDC as an Evangelist, someone stopped me to say hello. I was walking with a friend in the Metreon, across the street from Moscone West, where WWDC is usually held. It was a husband and wife who were starting an iPhone game company. They were very friendly and a little shy, and they just wanted to introduce themselves.

You never know if you’re going to see these people again, or what they’ll end up doing, or how much success they’ll have. Exhausted, and knowing that I had one foot out the door, I held it together to chat with them very briefly and offer words of encouragement.

That husband and wife team was Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova. You probably know them better as Imangi Studios, the makers of Harbor Master, Max Adventure, and of course Temple Run, which has hit an amazing 100 million download mark .

That was more than three years ago. I’ve since moved on, and I love every minute of what I’m doing. But I definitely miss moments like that one.