Florian Mueller continues to break down the ongoing patent wars across mobile platforms. Today, he covers Microsoft’s assault on Android device makers, which has proven very lucrative for Microsoft. Oracle wants a piece of the action, too.

This is obviously expensive for the manufacturers, but it’s also expensive for Google in the long term. Just as the ongoing Lodsys ordeal threatens the “safety” of iOS as a platform for third-party developers to do business on, the constant barrage of legal challenges to Android’s legitimacy could start giving OEMs pause.

Apple makes both the hardware and software behind the iOS platform, so it will obviously defend itself when necessary. So far, Google has done very little (publicly, at least) to aid its partners. Will Google step up? Or is it counting on momentum, and eventual monopoly, to force OEMs to suck it up and pay the trolls? Mueller isn’t optimistic:

That is exactly what Google fails to do: it doesn’t indemnify device makers because it’s aware of Android’s infringement.

Keep all of this in mind when Google assures you WebM doesn’t have patent problems.