I’m in the process of completing an iOS programming book with fellow developer Paul Warren. It’s called iOS Recipes, and it’s available in beta from The Pragmatic Bookshelf. The book is a collection of “how do you…” examples and assorted best practices for active iOS developers. There’s something in there for just about every skill level, but it assumes you are familiar with the iOS SDK. It includes, for example: creative alternatives for generating table view cells; a reusable label for attributed strings; and an easy mechanism for submitting POST requests to a web server.

The Prags have a great Beta program where you receive multiple iterations of the book in eBook format, along with source code downloads. So if you buy the book from pragprog.com right now (please), you get the eBook right now. If you buy the eBook + Paper Book option, you’ll additionally get the paper copy when it’s done. Best of all, you can submit feedback to the authors that will likely make it into the final copy.

I’ve been very pleased with the response so far. If you’re into iOS programming, please check it out.