Google’s Android VP Andy Rubin was apparently so hurt by Steve Jobs’ earnings call comments about Android that he created a Twitter account. The result was classic: A socially awkward outburst about open source software… on a closed source social network.¬†No news on when we’ll be able to clone AdWords from GitHub.

It’s particularly awkward because it’s obtuse and evasive. Jobs wasn’t debating definitions; he said Google’s use of the word was a smokescreen. So Rubin responds with a smokescreen. Nothing in his tweet, or in his recent¬†defense of the carriers (!!!), explains why “open” automatically means “better.” Google is so drunk on its keyword that it has lost the ability to explain it.

In essence, Apple turned the propaganda tables and put Google executives on their heels within ten hours. Steve Jobs doesn’t write code. Andy Rubin shouldn’t do PR.

(Permission is hereby granted, with attribution, to create a “DotC” Warcraft III mod.)