Skype has announced SkypeKit, “a collection of software and APIs that allows Internet-connected devices or applications to offer Skype voice and video calls.” The accompanying photos on the webpage include a mobile phone and a device.

It’s a closed beta, and therefore unclear just what the kit includes. Erick Schonfeld at TechCrunch quotes Skype as saying “We are looking at the relevant operating systems” when asked about explicit mobile platform support.

A Skype SDK for iPhone and Android would be very interesting. The immediate question is whether or not the public APIs on each platform would be sufficient for Skype to do what it wants, and whether or not Skype can offer something within bounds of the iPhone Developer Program terms and conditions.

It also makes one wonder if we’ll ever see an official FaceTime framework for iPhone. SkypeKit, if it ever appears on iPhone, would presumably require a Skype account. FaceTime has the potential to require nothing but a direct connection between peers. As a developer, being able to choose between them would be fantastic. (Tom Loverro)